Monday, September 29, 2014

Feliz Lunes! (September 29, 2014)

Feliz Lunes!

This week has flown by.  I can't believe it's over already.  Time is weird.

Last week after I emailed we went ice skating which was super fun.  I'm pretty proud of myself because I didn't fall at all, and I kinda learned how to skate backwards.  Woohoo, champ! haha

The Spanish is coming along better.  I still get lost a lot, but I'm starting to understand more and more.  It would definitely help if the people would slow down and enunciate more, but se la vi. Haha, Even though they talk too fast the people here are so amazing.  

Right now Hermana Bretón and I are working with some really awesome poeple who really want to learn if this message is true.  The Mesías family in particular is so awesome.  The dad, Reynaldo, is going to be baptized the 11th of October!  He wants to learn all he can and he is an awesome example for his family.  His wife was a less active member but now she's active, and they have two kids, 10 and 8, who want to be baptized as well.  They are always so kind to us and they're going to be a strong family in the ward.  Their son Sebastian drew pictures of Hna Bretón and me that I'll have to send next week because they're super funny.  We're also working with a man named Jorge whose wife is a member, and he's super excited to be taking the lessons.  He's gone on business to Chiloé for the next month, but he didn't want to stop taking the lessons, so we're going to teach him via skype! Our first skype lesson is tomorrow :D I'm super excited!

One of the families in the ward, the Luengo family, has a daughter who's eight years old and is learning English in school, so she's always super excited to practice her Spanish with me. Haha it's nice to have a friend that understands my Spanish :)  Her family is superb.  They are super supportive of the missionaries and they always try to help us in whatever way they can.

I had Chilean hamburgers for the first time this week.  They are super different than American hamburgers, but they were super good.  They put aji pebre (a salsa like thing) on their hamburgers and it's super good.

One of the Hermanas in the ward teaches a Zumba class each Tuesday and Friday night from 8:00-9:00, and Hermana Bretón and I got permission to go this Friday.  It was a blast!  I'm pretty horrible at dancing because I have two left feet, but it was still a ton of fun.  Fingers crossed we get to go again this week.

Other than that not too much else happened here this week, but some awesome things are happening this weekend... General Conference!  We have the incredible opportunity to listen to the prophet and apostles give counsel and guidance specifically for us specifically for this time.  Everyone is invited to listen, and I promise it'll be awesome!

Love you all a ton and hope things are going well for everyone!

Keep on keeping on,

Hermana Coombs
Hermana Clark, me, Hermana Pierce (friend from college!)

Hermana Bretón rescuing me at the airport

Picture from the day we arrived in Osorno

Missionaries with Elder Viñas of the Seventy

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