Monday, September 15, 2014

September 9, 2014 Osorno, Chile Mission Home

Hola Familia!

I made it to Osorno safe and sound :) I'm still pretty sick with a really bad cold (headache, congestion, a bad cough, etc), but I'm hanging tough.  I fly out tomorrow morning for Punta Arenas!! :) Yay!  My first place is crazy beautiful (at least that's what I've heard) and it's super close to the Antarctica, so hopefully I'll see some penguins.  That would be too legit to quit.  I haven't met my trainer yet because she's at the bottom of the country, but President Obeso said she's from the Dominican Republic.  I'm super excited to have a native Spanish speaker!  Speaking of President Obeso, he and his wife are the sweetest people ever (next to you of course).  But really though, I love them already.

As excited as I am to go to my area, getting on another plane and then a boat sounds exhausting.  On the plane ride from Mexico City to Santiago I sat next to a Chilean Olympian!  He's a professional kayaker and he was way nice.

Well I'm going to have to stop that story there because I have a much more important one.  One of the Hermanas who is serving in the mission office with her husband asked for all our passports (especially since I'll need it for my flight tomorrow) and I realized I left it in the seat pocket in front of me on the plane.  Leaving out all the suspense, my passport is in Santiago and they're sending someone to get it.  Turns out I won't be heading to Punta Arenas tomorrow, but it's all good because the Lord's the one in charge here and I'm just super grateful for the tender mercy that my passport isn't lost forever.

Wow!!  What an exciting first day :) Here's to many more!  Love you all so much and hopefully you'll hear from me soon!


Hermana Coombs

Hermana Coombs and President and Sister Obeso

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