Monday, September 15, 2014

Craziest Week of my life!!!


So I have some good news and some bad news.
Bad News:  I'm going to get fat while I'm here in Chile :(  It's a fact and it makes me muy triste, but se la vi.  Apparently they fatten us up to protect us against the cold.
Good News: Chile is awesome!  I'm absolutely loving it here.

My first few days were probably the most stressful days of my life because I was sicker than dog buns and sleeping more than 12 hours a day (I'm finally starting to get a little bit better), I lost my passport, and a ton of other crazy things happened.  My temporary companion (Hermana Clark) has a lot of leadership duties, so we had a very abnormal week of missionary work.  We spent almost all day Wednesday in the bus terminal helping missionaries get to where they needed to go (cambios are crazy).  Friday we went to two other zones in the mission, Puerto Monte and Puerto Varas for some conferences.  Puerto Varas is SO BEAUTIFUL!  When you look up Osorno and you see Volcan Osorno, it's actually in Puerto Varas, and it's incredible in person.  I'm tempted to say that Southern Chile is the best kept secret in the world.  The water here is super clean, the people are super nice, and it is incredibly beautiful.

BUT TODAY GOT EVEN CRAZIER.   They got my passport today and bought me a ticket to Punta Arenas for tomorrow morning.  Apparently I can only take one suitcase with me and they ship the others on a bus, so for the forseeable future I'll only have one suitcase.  Hermana Clark has been waiting for her new companion to get in from Cohaiyque, and she just got in about 30 min ago, and you'll never guess who it is.... HERMANA PIERCE :D  Crazy! 

Even though losing my passport was very irresponsible and probably the most stressful thing ever, the Lord knows best.  Being here in Osorno for the past week has been such a blessing for me.  I was able to partially recover from my sickness, I was able to meet Hermana Clark, and I got to see Hermana Pierce.  When things are going horribly wrong we need to put our trust in the Lord and know that everything will work out alright.  Miracles are real, we just have to make sure we notice them and appreciate them.  I'm so grateful for all the miracles I've seen this past week.

Keep being awesome!  Viva la Chile!

Stay sweet,

Hermana Coombs

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