Monday, October 6, 2014

Hola! (October 6, 2014)


General Conference was awesome!  So many awesome messages.  I definitely heard some things that were answers to prayers, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  I didn´t always have such an enthusiasm for conference, but now I realize what a blessing it is to be able to hear the counsel of the prophet and apostles for our day.  Revelation continues today.

My other suitcases finally arrived!  They got here on Friday.  Hoorah!  Once they came I finally had my running shoes, so every morning Hna. Bretón and I have gone running.  We're planning on running to the coast sometime this week, which should be awesome! I'm pretty stoked. Another awesome thing that came in my suitcase was my nametag :)  I lost my other one the first day in Punta Arenas (honestly I don't know how much more irresponsible I can get).  For the past few weeks I've been "Hna. Bretón" because she let me borrow her second one.  Now people won´t be nearly as confused when I introduce myself.  Hahaha, the first day with my nametag we were talking to someone in the street and I introduced myself as Hna. Bretón and then had to correct myself and say I was actually Hna. Coombs.  Haha I really have no idea why I did that, but he was probably super confused.  Oops.

This week we got to enjoy some super awesome weather... well super awesome for Punta Arenas anyway.  It was really nice to have the sun out and clear skies for a few days.  It even warmed up a bit!  

Everything is set for Hno. Mesías's baptism this Saturday! Yay :D  He is seriously so incredible, and his testimony helps build mine.  Both he and his family are going to be super strong members in the Church.

The skype lesson with Hno. Jorge got cancelled because the power went out in Chiloe.  Huge bummer... buuuuuuut, it was rescheduled and we got to teach over Skype!!  It was super cool and it was an awesome lesson. Double bonus!

This gospel has brought me so much joy and peace, and that´s why I'm out sharing it.  I want others to find that same joy and peace.  We never want to force anyone to do anything, we only want to invite others to learn about this unique message and find out for themselves if it's true.  I know it's true. 

I hope you're all doing well and I love you all!

¡Que les vayan bien!

Stay sweet,

Hermana Coombs
The Hermanas in Punta Arenas

Con Hermana Bretón

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