Monday, December 29, 2014

Prospero año y felicidad!

Prospero año y felicidad!

Wow, where to start...

This week was full of Christmas activities, which was way fun.  I can't tell you how many times we (the missionaries in Punta Arenas) sang Christmas carols in the Plaza and other places, but it has to be at least 12398720938509128 times.  Haha, it was super fun to sing the songs in Spanish, and we coordinated some dances too :)  We got to sing in a retirement home and visit some of the residents in their rooms.  That was always something I did back home so it made me really happy we could do it here in Chile too.

Christmas Eve Hermana Revelo and I decided to have an adventure and go where our feet carried us in Punta Arenas.  We visited the coast, ate Ice cream, listened to a drum band in the Plaza, and then we went to the Mesias's house to celebrate Christmas Eve.  Hna Revelo and I got to play the guitar for a bit which was the bee's knees because I've missed it a ton. 

With the other Hermanas in our casa we had a sleepover in the middle of the house Christmas Eve, and when we woke up in the morning we ate cookies, opened presents, and had a little dance party.  Haha :)  One of the Hermanas was super awesome and decorated the house while we were sleeping so that when we woke up it was all Christmas-y.

Also, highlight of this week for sure was skyping with the family :D  We had to make some last minute changes with the time we were going to skype with them (there was interference with an activity we had with the mission president), and we had to call our families to tell them so they would know.  Calling your family on the phone is super uncommon, so we decided to pull a joke on them.  I called Hna. Revelo's mom and told her that I was with the international police and that we found some illegal documents from when Hna Revelo was in Santiago and that she was being detained until they could come to Santiago and sort things out.  Haha, a mean joke, but her mom was really nice about it when Hna. Revelo told her it was a joke.  We did the same thing to my family, but we told them I was being detained for visa problems.  Haha, I don't know if I explained it well, but we thought it was pretty funny, and our families were just glad it was a joke :)

But yeah, Skyping was awesome!   Seeing the family and talking to them was a little weird at first, especially because I was really struggling with my English at first, but it was super fun and funny to talk to them again.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year.  Next time you hear from me it'll be 2015! Woohoo!

Keep on keeping on,

Hermana Coombs

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