Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Hey everybody!! Hope things are going superbly for you all and that you're getting super excited for the holidays! (I know I sure am).  It's going to be pretty weird celebrating Christmas during the summer, not that summer really exists here in Punta Arenas, but I'm super excited nonetheless.

This week I spent my last few days with Hna. Bretón :'(  but the good news is that Hna. Revelo is just as awesome.  She's from Colombia and we've already had a ton of fun together spending most of our time in the street laughing about one thing or another.  

Haha the other day we were walking back to the casa and a we met a super crazy dog, but crazy in a good way.  His face was super funny and he was prancing rather than walking, which made him even funnier.  

The wind has really picked up the last few days, which has been interesting.  There have been times it's been so strong we can barely walk, and we've given up hope for our hair.  haha at the end of the day it's a mess to say the least :)

We've been working hard but haven't really been seeing the results this week, which is super frustrating, but I guess that's life.  Practically all our appointments fell through and it feels like no one wants to talk to us.  I guess I've been a little spoiled so far in the mission that normally almost everyone will at least talk to us for a bit.  We'll just have to keep working harder I guess.

Also, I haven't actually watched it yet, but there is a short video about Christ and Christmas that I hear is super awesome.  It's called "He is the gift".  You guys will have to watch it and let me know if it's as good as they say.  Fingers crossed I can watch it too!

Les quiero muchisimo!!

Keep on keeping on,

Hermana Coombs

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