Thursday, August 14, 2014

Family Letter 3 -- Aug 14, 2014

Well, the Black Plague hit the CCM this week, but I AM A SURVIVOR!

Thank you mom and dad for blessing me with a strong immune system.  Seriously though, everyone and their mother was getting sick down here.  Hermana Williams and Hermana Wilemon (she lives in the same room as me) both got sick and were out for a few days.  Because my companion was sick I had to stay inside with her all day for 3 days because I couldn't leave her in the room to die by herself.  But boy oh boy was it rough having to study in the dark for 3 days.  We ended up calling our room the Den of Death, and it is now probably my least favorite place in the entire CCM.

On the bright side both Hna. Williams and Hna. Wilemon are doing much better and are able to be out and about doing the normal schedule!  Other than that not too much happened this week, or we just missed it all.  Life here in the CCM is pretty much the same everyday with lots of classes, meal times, and gym time.  Speaking of gym, my volleyball skills are quickly improving because we play volleyball everyday.

I guess one exciting thing that happened was I became friends with some of the Latinas in mi casa, and they are all super funny.  They're helping us all with our Spanish because it still needs mucho work.

I love you all and hope all your wildest dreams are coming true!

Stay sweet,
Hermana Coombs

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