Sunday, August 10, 2014

Family Letter 2


First off, I´m sorry I didn't email you last Thursday like I said I would.  I guess that wasn't actually in the schedule like I thought it was.  Oops
But wow! I have so much to tell you all!  On the way to Mexico City I talked to a six year old from Mexico in Español and she said my Spanish was pretty good, which made me feel super cool.  But then I realized she´s six and said it was only pretty good.  Haha oh well :)  And don´t be offended but as I was going through the first day I hardly missed you guys at all.  It wasn't until dinner that I really started missing you, but then I missed you a lot. :(  Everyone says the first few days are the hardest but then it gets a ton better.  They are SO right!  By Sunday I was good as gold and loving it here.
My companion's name is Hermana Williams; she´s from Seattle, she´s also going to Osorno Chile, and she's pretty cool.  My district is seriously the BEST.  Haha everyone is super funny :)  I wish I could think of a specific story about them, but I can't right now. Lo siento.
My Spanish is improving a ton!  Pretty soon my friend from the plane will say that I'm actually good at Spanish!  Haha.  My grammar still sucks dog buns, but it´ll get better with time.
Random side note, a girl in mi casa knows Dana Cobb; they grew up together.  Crazy small world.
More about the CCM.   We have gym time everyday and it rocks.  We usually play volleyball with the elders, and it´s really funny because none of us are very good.
Mom, the food here is definitely sub par when compared to your cooking, but we did have tamales the other day.  They were sooooooo good!  And don´t worry, I'm still eating lots of food and occasionally getting food babies :)
We are in class for 5-ever everyday, which isn't as cool as dance parties or exploring, but it really isn't that bad.  You will also be proud to know that adjusting to the missionary schedule (in bed by 10:30, up at 6:30) was a piece of cake!
The weather here is usually really nice.  The first day here we were welcomed by a torrential downpour, and I was worried it would be like that everyday.  So far though it's only drizzled twice since then. (But I learned that my rainboots are magical and worth more that gold).  The campus is beautiful and you can even hear and see parrots up in the palm trees.
P-days really are as glorious as everyone says they are.  This morning our district got to go to the Mexico City Temple (well actually the visitor's center because the temple is closed) and it was BEAUTIFUL!  It was seriously so awesome.  The only downside is that you can only go once while staying at the MTC (or CCM in Español), so we won't be able to go again.
Quick shout out to Mom for the amazing packages, Katherine for her  super funny note, Stephanie for her superb letter, and Dad and Connor for being awesome!
I love you all a ton and miss you!!

Stay sweet,
Hermana Coombs

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