Monday, January 19, 2015

Villarrica -- January 19, 2015

Villarrica can be summed up in about three words.  Beautiful but hot.  For real, I'm dying from el calor aquí.  All I can think is, "Well Toto, I don't think we're in Punta Arenas anymore."  It's SUPER different here (in terms of temperature).  In Punta Arenas we were still walking around in our winter coats, and here we're walking around in short sleeve shirts and dying from the heat.  I guess that's what happens though when you go from the southernmost part of the mission to (almost) the northernmost part of the mission.  Haha, but it is absolutely beautiful here!  Our house is right along the coast, and we have an awesome view of the volcano.

My new companion is Hermana Espinoza from Paraguay and she has about a two months in the mission.  We get lost a lot because I'm super new to our area, and she's still learning it.  Haha, we have to ask people for help... a lot :)  It doesn't help though when almost all of the streets are in Mapuche and have names like "Currirayen" "Caupolican" "Janequeo" and "Quetropillan".

Saying goodbye to everyone in Punta Arenas was super hard.  There was a ward activity our last night in Punta Arenas so everyone could say goodbye to Elder Cleverly and I.  I'm going to miss everyone a ton, but that's the mission.  We can't stay in one place forever, and we're need in other areas.  Hard goodbyes but lots of new people to meet también.

As of now we're working hard to find new people to teach because we only have one person investigating the church for now.  It's a tad difficult this time of year because everyone is taking advantage of tourist searon and they all work approx 15614768465468741 hours each day.  Patience is a virtue and I've heard that all I need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust.

To those of you in winter right now, stay warm and I'll try to stay cool :)  Love you all a ton!

Stay sweet,
Hermana Coombs

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