Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015 -- Transfers/Cambios

Hola everybody!

Cambios have arrived, and I’ll be leaving Punta Arenas…
I’m headed up north to Villarica, which I’ve heard is super pretty this time of year, and I'll be finishing the entrenamiento of Hermana Espinosa (at least I think that's her name).  Should be an exciting new adventure :)

Sorry, my mind is drawing a blank on everything because my mind is trying to comprehend and take in that cambios are happening.  It'll be hard to say bye to Punta Arenas and especially Hermana Revelo, but I know that everything in cambios happens for a reason. The sector, the companion, etc, it's all part of a process to help one become the missionary that God requires.

A few things that happened this week
- we let a dog into the house one morning when it was really cold, named him Toby, and now I'm his owner
- I was attacked by a dog.  Haha, he was just playing around, but he almost knocked me to the ground, and he tried bitting my calf
- We met someone who told us she has a third eye and that she communicates with the spirits
- A member showed us new kittens :)
- Other things that I can't remember right now

For real though, sorry this email is kind of the worst, but I hope you all have an awesome week!  Hopefully I'll have a lot to say next week :)

Keep on keeping on,

Hermana Coombs

Best. Trees. Ever.

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