Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Hahaha, so our week started out interesting when we had to run to the house of a member for our exercises to get our clean laundry because we literally had 0 clothes for the day and she wasn't going to be home later in the day.  But the good news is that we had our clothes in time :)

As for the earthquake, we didn't feel it at all here in the south, and the family of Hermana Barrios is fine.  Sorry that once again I don't have any cool stories to share.

We had a really fun week full of fiestas for the 18 de septiembre.  In our District meeting we played with an emboque (I'm an expert, ask my companion), and we laughed a lot.

The 18 de septiembre was full of empanadas and happiness because empanadas = happiness :) haha

The 19th we went with our investigador Gloria to an activity in Fresia for the fiestas patrias, and more importantly for her baptismal interview! WOOHOO! Now we've offically scheduled her baptism for the 25th at 6:00, and she is so happy.  We've seen her progress a ton in these past few weeks :)  In the activity I dressed in a vestido de china, a typical dress to dance la cueca, which is a typical dance in Chile. I guess you could say I'm very Chilean now, not counting my blonde hair or my gringa face, but they're only minor details haha :) More empanadas, I learned to use el trompo, and I made a friend with una niña from the branch in Fresia.

And last but not least we found out cambios, and we're both staying here in Frutillar :D

Hope you all enjoy your week!

Stay sweet,

Hermana Coombs

Volcán Osorno from Frutillar

With the district

With the gang in Fresia

With a friend I made in Fresia

In un "vestido de china" so i could dance la cueca, the typical dance of the Chileans for the 18 de Septiembre

Otra foto con mi amigita

Chickens in a tree.  They partied hard this 18 de septiembre

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