Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 23, 2015

I hope you all had an awesome "Dia de Felicidad" the 20th :D

Also, it's a week late, but I hope your Pi Day was well celebrated, because 3/14/15 (Pi = 3.1415) only comes around once every thousand years.  Hermana Espinoza and I celebrated with Pie de Limon, even though she didn't know Pi Day was a thing.

This week was a super awesome week.  We saw a lot of small miracles and we're seeing a lot of progress in the Branch.  We're visiting some really awesome people who are super interested :)

Hermana Espinoza and I have been practicing English in the house during this week, and I am now pleased to report that I don't sound like someone who is learning English.  Haha, we even taught a lesson in English this week, and it went really well :)

The Volcano is acting up again, and everyone says it'll probably explode again (but it won't do anything to us here in Villarrica).  Hermana Espinoza and I have our fingers crossed that if it explodes we'll be able to see it this time.  Haha, lots of the members have said that they'll call us if anything happens so we don't miss it this time.

The funniest part of the week was when Max, a member, did his impressions of the missionaries in the Branch :D  Haha, he nailed them all!  It probably won't be funny to you all because you don't know him, or the other missionaries, but trust me, it was funny.  Haha, we were all crying we were laughing so hard :D

Appreciate the small things in life.  Laugh everyday.  And as an apostle once said, "Come what may and love it."

Stay sweet,

Hermana Coombs

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