Monday, February 2, 2015

6th month mark!

This week has involved a lot of walking, a lot of talking, and a lot of small miracles.

We're still walking a ton and talking with everyone and their mother in the streets, but it's super helpful that for the most part everyone here in Chile is really nice and friendly.  Haha it's pretty funny being a gringa here because on multiple occasions I've been called "Barbie" and in my head all I can think is "kids these days" haha.  

Small miracles of the week:
1. I haven't died of dehydration
2. The people who refill our water bottles and give us a snack (for real, bless their souls)
3. We almost ran out of food and couldn't buy more until today, but we had just enough to make it. whew!  Our fridge and cupboards are completely empty
4. We found/met some really awesome people who are interested in listening!
5. The members here want to work with the missionaries.  Members make all the difference in missionary work.  The people view us kind of weird, but when they see that normal people (aka the members) have a testimony of these things too it totally changes their perspective.

Keep on being awesome and looking for the small miracles that happen every day.  Make the habit to think of what your miracle of the day was and even really hard days won't seem too bad.  Life is too good to waste being negative :)

Over and out,

Hermana Coombs
Muriendo de calor


Volcán at sunset

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