Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015

Hi guys!

How's it going?  Everything is just swell here in Frutillar.  A week full of miracles and funny things that are probably only funny to my companion and I, haha.

On Friday we got the all clear from the physical therapist to start walking and working normally and we were so excited that we started working normally.  Hna Barrios thought she was invincible, haha, until we got home in the night, and her ankle started to hurt a lot.  We learned from our mistake, and now we walk a little calmer :)  haha, but she said it's starting to hurt less and that she can move it more too.  Good news all around!  

This week we found some really awesome people to teach!  We've visited a young family 3-4 times in the last 2 or 3 weeks, and they are really interested in learning more.  They are named Yanira, Danilo, y Maite (4) and Yanira told us that she's religious, but she doesn't go to church or anything like that.  We talked a little bit more and shared a scripture with her and she said, "I feel like if you're here it's because my family is missing something.  I'd love if you could keep coming."  When we taught them about a week later we asked them if they were able to pray about what we'd shared and she said she knew it was true, everything we shared :)  We left them with a Book of Mormon, and then a few citas fell through because they had a lot of things going on, and the uncle of Danilo passed away.  But when they saw us in the street they literally ran to catch up with us and say they were sorry for the dropped citas and ask us if we could visit them.  Haha we said "YES!" all excited because That. Never. Happens.  When we vitisted them again they said they each indivitually had a moment when they'd felt like reading the Book of Mormon, so they opened it up, and read a scripture, and it was exactly what they needed.  The Book of Mormon is true people.  I know it!  They both said they couldn't explain exactly how they felt, but it was a good feeling that made them feel a little more peace (aka the Holy Ghost).  They are seriously so awesome!  And that's just a short story of a spiritual experience we had this week.  

Keep doing the small things and looking for the small miracles everday.  Keep your head up and focus on the things that really matter.  Trust in your Heavenly Father because He knows YOU and He loves YOU.

I love you all muchísimo!

Keep on keeping on,
Hermana Coombs

WooHoo!! Christmas!!

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