Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Top o' the morning everybody!

This week was a fun one.  Lots of funny things happened, haha.  Oh man, for example, I totally messed up some Spanish during a lesson with a less active member.  I meant to say "pain" but I said something totally different that is a word that a missionary shouldn't say.  Oops.  She was a tad distracted during the whole lesson, so I don't think she noticed (thank goodness). 

Jorge had his baptismal interview this week and he's all set to be baptized next Saturday!  He said that at first he started learning about the church for his wife (she's a member), but he said now he's doing it for himself.  He has a really strong testimony and he's going to be a huge support in the ward.  

We had a couple Noches de Hogar this week with various families, and they were all really fun.  Basically a Noche de Hogar is time to spend with families one night during the week, with a short message about something in the gospel, and later games, refreshments, etc.  On Friday we had a Noche de Hogar with the Mesías family and another family in the ward and it was awesome to see how well the two families bonded.  We had another Noche de Hogar with the Morales family.  They are a family of investigators and they all really liked the concept of the Noche de Hogar, and they even said they want to do it again sometime!

Another fun thing that happened this week was an activity that all the missionaries had Saturday afternoon in the plaza of Punta Arenas.  Next Saturday we're opening one of the chapels here for the public to come, explore, and find out a bit more about the Mormons.  To have this activity we first have to find people to invite, so we went to the plaza with a huge cardboard costume of the Book of Mormon and the Bible (because people have a lot of questions when you're walking around as a Book of Mormon).  Coincidentally a huge group of tourists were visiting the plaza that day and one of the missionaries met a guy who lives less than two miles from her house in Arizona.  Crazy!  Luckily I remembered a bit more English this time, but it was still super weird to be talking in English. 

I feel like I always talk about food in my emails, so sorry if anyone is getting tired of hearing about it, but this week we bought some artesanal alfajores from a member in the ward, and boy oh boy were they good :)  

Take care and have an awesome week!

Keep on keeping on,

Hermana Coombs

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